Thursday, May 31, 2012

To ombre or not to ombre.

I get bored with my hair a lot.
I try and spice things up? Make some bows, some heaband, get a brazillian blowout..
anything to spark my interest, but I'm getting bored again.

I'm thinking about doing some ombre?

I think it's pretty cute.
but also I have shortish hair.
and also I'm worried that by the time I fully'll be outdated?

I guess I'm asking for opinions..
How much longer do you think this ombre hair fad will last..
and are there other hair trends coming into play that I'm just totally missing?
cause...I'd like to know bout 'em!

topic switch.

So my best friend, Benjamin? Yeah he's a cool kid.
Well, the fun thing is, he has an older brother who's also pretty cool.
And they make movies. They're on facebook and on youtube.
ohhh and they're hillarious.
{liking their facebook,
and watching their youtube videos wouldn't be a dumb thing to do}

Long story short they are starting a new season of shorts.
And the first episode comes out tonight!! {eeek!}
They're having a little launch party..
and if you happen to be in the Utah county area you should come!
We're going to be at the UVU library, you can email me for deets.

Come, it'll be a good time.

xo, rach


  1. RACHEL. I'm almost positive that we are the same person in different colored bodies. I have been debating doing an ombre for like seriously 8 months. I was trying to wait and see if I'd change my mind. But I haven't so within the next month. It's happenin! If you decide to do yours I know a girl who does hair BEAUTIFULLY. <3 It's a good choice I think.

  2. haha different colored bodies. ha i love it too much. and I know I'll probably get it done soon! I'll let you know if I do it! And I think you should too! it'd be way pretty on you!

  3. i definitely love the ombre's that are really subtle, i think they make the wearer(?) look like her hair is naturally awesome and show off her awesome face.

    but i think you might as well do it! (we expect pictures!)

    1. Hey, Thanks for the feedback!! I think i'll be doing it soon, and I'll be sure to post some pics :)


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