Monday, May 28, 2012

Sorry about those things

Sorry I've been absent.
I spent this last memorial day in a lovely place called Lake Powell.
It's on the list of my favorite places to be.
check it out if you haven't. 
I'll put up picture's soon!

Long story short my best friend makes grade A mix cd's.
he always seems to find songs that I don't know exist, 
but as soon as they're notes touch my ear drum, my heart falls in love. 

This song was on my most recent mix cd.
It is off of my newest favorite commercial.
this one.
it left me with a big smile saying "awwww"

"Porch Song"- The Meemies

this song is way too fun. although the music video is border line child watch at your own risk. 

xo, rach

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