About Me

Whats in a name // Sincerely peachy right? I love the fruit, the smell, the color, and most of all the demeanor. I've been blessed in a million ways again and again, and my life is "Sincerely Peachy." 

Now about me // I'm Rachel. I'm a 20 something utahn. I spend most of my time being a visual arts major at Utah Valley University. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese cake. I take pictures, make prints, and bake treats...sometimes I find time to blog about it. I hope you stay a while and like what you see. P.s. Don't be afraid to say words, I love blogger friends. 

xo, rach


  1. So happy I came across your cute blog! I am a 20 something Utahn as well and we have the same beliefs and all! Your blog is darling! Love it.

  2. I am also a 20 something utahn your blog is adorable :)

  3. I am also a 20 something utahn. Your blog is adorable! So happy to come across it!

  4. omg I just discovered your blog! my name's Krista. seriously, the colors on this site is really making me melt. you're quite the cute little button!

  5. You are so adorable. I am a 20 something year old Texan girl, love to color and take pictures, and have the same beliefs! Your blog is fab! haha!


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