Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's that time again

I live down the street from a hang gliding park and all summer people are soaring.
today they were out and my heart was happy, as was my camera.

Happy thursday guys. I hope it's way beautiful. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So this happened.

If you read my last blog post you'll know that I'd like to have you guys know me a bit better.
Awkwardness and all.
What a better way to do that then put a camera in front of my face. 
If you have a spare 7 minutes you can watch and see me in all my glory. 

Also if our weirdness's are compatible let me know so we can be friends.

Let me know if you take the time to know me by watching this vid....I'm asking for a friend....

Happy Wednesday Friends

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works Haul

I recently stopped by Bath & Body Works because I hear from a friend they were having a sale.
and my perfumery has running low low low.
First of all, a great sale.
buy 3 signature colletion, get 3 free. and their lip products, buy 2 get 1 free.

I spent too much money, but I smell delicious.
I got lotion, body wash, and misting spray in two different scents.

First, french lavender & honey. im obsessed with the packaging.
I think it's so delicate and pretty.
Whats it like you ask? Well as put by Bath & Body Works...
Experience the charming south of France and gorgeous sunswept fields of lavender. This effortlessly beautiful scent is a fresh blend of flowering French lavender, lily of the valley and nectarine de Provence warmed with sunkissed honey and white oak musk. 


Second, Cashmere glow. I love this scent. It' a lot more musky than the previous, and makes me feel I should be wearing jewels and high heels.
which I don't do...... like ever, but I think smelling that way is nice.

I don't love this packing as much, mostly cause im not into jewels, or glitter & sparkles...but it smells so yummy.

Cashmere glow fragrance wraps you in comforting warmth and ultimate luxury. This luxurious scent is a warm blend of golden peach, exotic berries and glowing lily petals indulged with shimmering vanilla and cashmere musk.

Last but not least lips. I bought two mentha lip glosses and a rose salve.

The packaging on that salve makes my heart happy. like real happy.
like it's one of those things that I'm like "I want people to see me with this so they think I'm cute!"

aaannnndddd you can use it for face, lips, cuticle, knees, elbows. im obsessed. 

I always used to get this lip gloss in middle school, and I thought I'd try it out again. 
I got vanilla mint, and ultra mentha. 
The mentha helps your breath smell fresh, and its clear which I love, no glitter which I love. 
Basically I'm way too happy with all my purchases.

I would recommend you to stop by, they have lots of yummy scents and deals.
Mothers day is coming up too, so there's that.

Happy Monday Ya'll. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

What's in my purse/Lets be friends.

I was reading secret life of bee a little bit ago, and I discovered every time I read her blog I'm all like "I want to be friends with her." As I read her blog I feel like I'm getting to know her, and I don't think my blog is like that. Most likely cause I'm awkward and try and keep most of the world from seeing that, so I thought I'd start out small. (slowly but surely, you'll all know how weird I am, and we'll be friends) So, what I keep in my purse.* cause that says a lot about me? correct me if I'm wrong.

*this post was prompted by Credit Card Insider, a great place to go if you're a child like me and need to be educated on how credit cards, credit, and debt work. 

I don't keep a lot of things in my purse. Mostly because I'm doing this whole "go to school 5 days a week" thing so I'm always carrying a backpack. but my purse holds my easy access go to essentials.

1. My wallet. I don't need nothing fancy which I find most wallets are, so this was like my dream. I got it at target and I'm obsessed. Easy access to my cards? but a cute little strap to hold them in. one big zip up pocket for cash, coin, and stamp cards to jamba and cafe rio. 

check out that 1, rollin in the dough man. 

2. Color burst lip butter. I love them. A great combo of sheer, and color, and moisture. I'm a fan. I use fig jam, slightly brown. It's beautiful, get it. 

3. EOS Chapstick, because I'm addicted to great chapstick. As you can see mine has much wear and tear. 

4. Headphones. Walking around campus, I always listen to music, so I need those babies ready to go. Easy access. It's gotten to the point if I'm walking and not listening to music I'm like "What's happening right now...? why is it so quiet?" it's a problem, but not one I'm concerned enough to fix. 
the little clicker thing makes my life easy, cause i don't have to pull out my iphone to change the song.
thanks to who invented that. 

5. Gum. I love chewing gum, orbit's my fav. I also don't have a boyfriend so I gotta keep that breath fresh. 

welp, thats all. if you have a purse, and things in it. post about it & share with me. 
I wouldn't even be mad. 

Happy friday, btw.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Curly Hair Tips

I got difficult hair. Not as difficult as it could be, but difficult none the less.
It's short, curly, frizzy. Not an equation for easy hair days.
disclaimer: i'm not a hair stylist, just a girl with curly hair. 

Basic curl tips I live by:
-Don't use shampoo often. (2-3 times a week)
As my hair's a bit dry, stripping it of natural oils isn't a great idea.
-Pat dry with a cotton tee, instead of a wrapping it up with a towel.
This will help prevent breakage and frizz
-Argan oil, Argan oil, Argan oil & blow out serum. I'm a big holistix fan.
(or Moroccan oil.) Helps prevent breakage and frizz, protects from heat. Increases shine. and is amazing.

I use two tools when I style my hair curly; a diffuser and a very thin straightner.
the thinner the straighter, the tighter curls you can m(f)ake.
you can see how little it is in my hand

Here's my hair after I've blow dried it.
It's all over the place I got a lot of pieces on top that stay straight or go real frizzy.
but as you can see a lot of my hair is real curly.

With my little straightener I can take frizzy pieces and put the curly back in.

I find use the little straightener helps me smooth out frizz,
and get a bit more control over the style and shape of my hair. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Stamped wrapping paper

I'm obsessed with black and gold.
They are 2 out of the 5 colors  I wear.

So when black and gold became the theme for my friends birthday party,
a million ideas ran through my head and this was one of them.
It's an easy way to add a personal touch to little presents and is way too easy. 

(I also made a metallic gold cake, but that will have to wait for another day.)
again...this is the easiest. so pin away and share with ya friends. 

Supplies: brown wrapping paper, paint, a plate, and a round sponge brush. 

add paint to you're plate and stamp away.
because of the nature of my colors, i didn't wash my brush in between, but you may need to. 

wait for it to dry

wrap away & top with ribbbon, embroidery thread, or pretty trim. 

as it turns out, wrapping cylindrical things that are no where equal in size in the same present is hard. 

also. missy's present had the prettiest packaging. anthro never dissapoints. 

go be lovely guys. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bed head. The struggle is real

Short & curly hair = the worlds messiest hair.

Bed head is a daily struggle. Really who's hair looks like that in the morning? Notice the fear in my eyes. 

Luckily after years of practice I can wrangle it in to be something a bit more manageable. 

Do any of you have short curly hair also?
Tell me! So if I shared style tips, I wouldn't just be speaking to the wind.

Ps sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures :)

Happy Thursday y'all. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

The way I feel is the way I write

I love when clouds look like paintings, and when the sky is more than blue.
Life has been teaching me a lot about priorities, and happiness. I need to get mine back in order.
I hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday is good too.


p.s. title stolen from lyrics here.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Four eyes. Four eyes. I need glasses to see.

(if you don't get that cloudy with a chance of meatballs it. now. and then 100x. its my favorite movie, btw.)

Story time.

I always thought I had great eye sight. It was something I was fairly proud of.  One day at UVU they were doing free eye screenings, as I had some time to spare, I said "Hey, I got some time to spare." I took the eye test, and failed on the last two lines. Failed miserably.

I took the time to go to the eye doctor to find that I'm very much near sighted. (things far are super blurry.)
I always just thought they were  blurry because they were far. Anyways, my glasses came in yesterday and I've been asked multiple times if they are real. (I guess I have that, I would wear fake glasses vibe. Probably because I do have fake glasses.)

I'd like to take this opportunity to show you 1 pair of my glasses (I have two). And some better shots of my new hair color. If you want to see how dark it was before click here.

also i just realized how dark my skin is compared to the link above...thannnnkkkk you san deigo. 

my hand just did that. 

and again. get over it. 

Happy Sunday Guys.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I got ninety nine problems and time is one…cause i don't have any.

So it turns out the second half of the semester is busy for days.
That on top of trying to get into the swing of photo again i haven't even blogged.

updates I died my hair. its not as light as I previously was thinking. but thank goodness.
I am in love with it just light and warm enough to be different and make me look dark brown.

I was going to take some cute pictures but it turns out, when I am busy I don't do my hair.
Me and low buns are great friends.

Here's a quick selfie for the meantime.

I have been posting some pictures on my photo Facebook and blog.
Come take a look at 1 of the million things that has been keeping me busy.

Have such a good day. K thanks. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I heart grilled cheese sandwhiches.

Probably more than any human should really. My favorite grilled cheese sandwiches are made by my mom, sonic, chilli's, and zupas. I usually go to zupas when I'm feeling like being gourmet in an american way.
However being a poor college student zupas is not always an option so I make a copy cat at home.

Ingridents: Bread, Muenster cheese, Colby jack cheese, Pesto seasoning, and mayonnaise if you wish. 

(Probably because I live in Utah.) I put mayonnaise on both sides of my bread and put the pesto on one side and colby jack  on the other. Mostly to prevent the cheese from flying when I put the pieces together. 

and the muenster and squish it all together. 

Here's the tough part. Cook your grilled cheese at a low heat and be patient while each side gets slightly browned. (More than not, I put my heat too high and burn my bread)

Eat it and be the happiest human. Seriously my favorite meal.
I'm way healthy, I know. 

Happy Sunday Loves.

P.s. I'll show you my hair tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY 30 Minute Spring Wreath

Spring is my favorite season. All about a fresh start and beauty emerging from a barren winter.
I love it a lot. Anyways, I found some florals in the crafty corner of my room yesterday and a spontaneous craft flowed from my finger tips, that is this wreath. It was such a quick easy way to add some "spring fever" to my bedroom.

supplies: wire cutters, (i realize those are not wire cutters, but i couldn't find mine, so pliers are subbing in photo wise) floral tape, wire, and florals (make sure your florals are wire based). I found all of my supplies at my local hobby lobby. The 2 stems in the floral section, and the smaller flowers in the scrapbook section.

 1. Lay out and bend your stems into a wreath (circle) shape.

2. With your wire,  wrap your stems together and then cover them with floral tape.

3. Once you're two pieces of greenery are wired and taped, you can add your flowers! I thought the wire in my longer flowers, would be enough...but it was not! So I wrapped them in the wire that I have, and then floral tape before I added them to my wreath!

4. Add your flowers til you're happy with the look of your wreath.

5. Hang it up and be cute.

Happy Monday and Happy St. Patricks day.


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