Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Curly Hair Tips

I got difficult hair. Not as difficult as it could be, but difficult none the less.
It's short, curly, frizzy. Not an equation for easy hair days.
disclaimer: i'm not a hair stylist, just a girl with curly hair. 

Basic curl tips I live by:
-Don't use shampoo often. (2-3 times a week)
As my hair's a bit dry, stripping it of natural oils isn't a great idea.
-Pat dry with a cotton tee, instead of a wrapping it up with a towel.
This will help prevent breakage and frizz
-Argan oil, Argan oil, Argan oil & blow out serum. I'm a big holistix fan.
(or Moroccan oil.) Helps prevent breakage and frizz, protects from heat. Increases shine. and is amazing.

I use two tools when I style my hair curly; a diffuser and a very thin straightner.
the thinner the straighter, the tighter curls you can m(f)ake.
you can see how little it is in my hand

Here's my hair after I've blow dried it.
It's all over the place I got a lot of pieces on top that stay straight or go real frizzy.
but as you can see a lot of my hair is real curly.

With my little straightener I can take frizzy pieces and put the curly back in.

I find use the little straightener helps me smooth out frizz,
and get a bit more control over the style and shape of my hair. 

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