Sunday, March 23, 2014

I heart grilled cheese sandwhiches.

Probably more than any human should really. My favorite grilled cheese sandwiches are made by my mom, sonic, chilli's, and zupas. I usually go to zupas when I'm feeling like being gourmet in an american way.
However being a poor college student zupas is not always an option so I make a copy cat at home.

Ingridents: Bread, Muenster cheese, Colby jack cheese, Pesto seasoning, and mayonnaise if you wish. 

(Probably because I live in Utah.) I put mayonnaise on both sides of my bread and put the pesto on one side and colby jack  on the other. Mostly to prevent the cheese from flying when I put the pieces together. 

and the muenster and squish it all together. 

Here's the tough part. Cook your grilled cheese at a low heat and be patient while each side gets slightly browned. (More than not, I put my heat too high and burn my bread)

Eat it and be the happiest human. Seriously my favorite meal.
I'm way healthy, I know. 

Happy Sunday Loves.

P.s. I'll show you my hair tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY 30 Minute Spring Wreath

Spring is my favorite season. All about a fresh start and beauty emerging from a barren winter.
I love it a lot. Anyways, I found some florals in the crafty corner of my room yesterday and a spontaneous craft flowed from my finger tips, that is this wreath. It was such a quick easy way to add some "spring fever" to my bedroom.

supplies: wire cutters, (i realize those are not wire cutters, but i couldn't find mine, so pliers are subbing in photo wise) floral tape, wire, and florals (make sure your florals are wire based). I found all of my supplies at my local hobby lobby. The 2 stems in the floral section, and the smaller flowers in the scrapbook section.

 1. Lay out and bend your stems into a wreath (circle) shape.

2. With your wire,  wrap your stems together and then cover them with floral tape.

3. Once you're two pieces of greenery are wired and taped, you can add your flowers! I thought the wire in my longer flowers, would be enough...but it was not! So I wrapped them in the wire that I have, and then floral tape before I added them to my wreath!

4. Add your flowers til you're happy with the look of your wreath.

5. Hang it up and be cute.

Happy Monday and Happy St. Patricks day.


Thrifty finds and welcomed opinions

A couple weeks ago I went thrifting, I found a few gems.
This blue striped button up with embroidered flowers. I'm basically obsessed.
However, it is a little bit big, so if any of you have quick sinching tips they'd be welcomed :)

 I also picked up this amazing clock and thermos. I'm so happy about it.

Yesterday I was very productive, meaning I crafted. I'll have a DIY up for that little flower wreath hopefully tomorrow! Also I'm coloring and cutting my hair on tuesday, I'm not looking to cut too much off, but the color will be a bit lighter.
Have any of you heard the term "Bronde"? Meaning brown blonde? I'm obsessed. Here are some examples of what i'm thinking! Opinions are welcome! 1, 2, 3, 4

I'd love to hear what you all have to say :)

Also I'm watching Dan in Real Life again..Seriously the best soundtrack.
I hope you're also having a lovely sunday


Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm going to marry the sequoia's.

So as most of you are aware I went California this week. For the longest time I've wanted to visit the Redwood forest and that was the plan, I"m like ..."this is my chance!" Unfortunately, come to find out, we were 13 hours away from the national park, so I compromised for the national Sequoia forest. It wasn't a compromise at all, but just the most beautiful time. Seriously I've never seen such large trees in my life. This park holds the "worlds largest living tree." General Sherman. It's 250 feet tall, 100 feet in circumference. Just such a big tree. Anyways, I was geeking out and nearly drooling at how beautiful it was. I spent half of the drive with my head sticking out the sun roof just awestruck. After we met general sherman, we attempted to climb up Moro Rock. Just this gigantic rock on top of this mountain.  There was a trail up to the top to overlook the whole valley, but my fear of heights got the best of me and I whimped out half way (it was CRAZY high), but the point heart is full of love for that place.  I took about 200 pictures but, here's like 10 (0kay, 14) of my favorites.

part of the way up there was beautiful grassy hills and my heart swooned.

oh hi, i'm little. 

 general sherman next to tiny puny little humans

seriously they go on for days. 

i know right? 

just below where I pulled the sissy card. 

thats moro rock. if you were a human up there, you'd literally look like a dot.

It was the most perfect way to end my trip. As relaxing, beautiful, and fun California was, I'm so glad to be headed home. 

It was dolphinately a whale of a time.

(Hi. I'm Rachel and I love puns.)
(Also, sorry that my blog might be running at 2 mph cause of the picture overload,
but i can't just...not share.)

I went whale watching 2x.
If you knew my parents this would come as no surprise.

Our first trip we were able to see a few gray whales from a ways away, but on our second trip were right next to a group of common dolphins and pilot whales. It was seriously cool, they were really close to us and it helped we were on a smaller boat. Oh and also california sea lions. I want to take them home with me.

gray whales

common dolphins

rainbow (it was absolutely necessary)

 pilot whales

The dock we left from was seriously cute. like your classic "arcade/summer/california" dock. I was obviously geeking out.
We ended the day with a walk on the beach and a drive down the coastal highway. ohhh my heart.
*cue the cheese*

also necessary. 

when you don't have a significant you write your blogs name in the sand, trust me its a thing. 

seriously though ^^^

It was the greatest day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

(My) Love is for the birds.

I went to the San Diego zoo today. I fell in love with the Aviaries, they had about 4 of them.
I was just in awe of the sounds, and colors, and flight that was all around.
The birds were not behind cages, as much as the other animals, they were flying right over our heads and right past our faces. 
It made it much more fun to photograph them without having cage wire between us. 

My mom was geeking out a bit and was like "Rachel you're such a good photographer..."
On that, it's not too hard to take pretty pictures of the beach, the ocean, beautiful animals,
but it's raising my photo self esteem so no complaints. 

im obsessed with these creepy beady eyed pearlescent birds. 

 love dove

if this bird was a dress i'd wear it every day. those colors are amazing. 
(update: i'm not a bird poacher.)

seriously what animal looks like that. (obviously that one, but it blows my mind a little...)

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