Friday, March 14, 2014

It was dolphinately a whale of a time.

(Hi. I'm Rachel and I love puns.)
(Also, sorry that my blog might be running at 2 mph cause of the picture overload,
but i can't just...not share.)

I went whale watching 2x.
If you knew my parents this would come as no surprise.

Our first trip we were able to see a few gray whales from a ways away, but on our second trip were right next to a group of common dolphins and pilot whales. It was seriously cool, they were really close to us and it helped we were on a smaller boat. Oh and also california sea lions. I want to take them home with me.

gray whales

common dolphins

rainbow (it was absolutely necessary)

 pilot whales

The dock we left from was seriously cute. like your classic "arcade/summer/california" dock. I was obviously geeking out.
We ended the day with a walk on the beach and a drive down the coastal highway. ohhh my heart.
*cue the cheese*

also necessary. 

when you don't have a significant you write your blogs name in the sand, trust me its a thing. 

seriously though ^^^

It was the greatest day.

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