Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm going to marry the sequoia's.

So as most of you are aware I went California this week. For the longest time I've wanted to visit the Redwood forest and that was the plan, I"m like ..."this is my chance!" Unfortunately, come to find out, we were 13 hours away from the national park, so I compromised for the national Sequoia forest. It wasn't a compromise at all, but just the most beautiful time. Seriously I've never seen such large trees in my life. This park holds the "worlds largest living tree." General Sherman. It's 250 feet tall, 100 feet in circumference. Just such a big tree. Anyways, I was geeking out and nearly drooling at how beautiful it was. I spent half of the drive with my head sticking out the sun roof just awestruck. After we met general sherman, we attempted to climb up Moro Rock. Just this gigantic rock on top of this mountain.  There was a trail up to the top to overlook the whole valley, but my fear of heights got the best of me and I whimped out half way (it was CRAZY high), but the point heart is full of love for that place.  I took about 200 pictures but, here's like 10 (0kay, 14) of my favorites.

part of the way up there was beautiful grassy hills and my heart swooned.

oh hi, i'm little. 

 general sherman next to tiny puny little humans

seriously they go on for days. 

i know right? 

just below where I pulled the sissy card. 

thats moro rock. if you were a human up there, you'd literally look like a dot.

It was the most perfect way to end my trip. As relaxing, beautiful, and fun California was, I'm so glad to be headed home. 


  1. Rachel. Go to my notes on Facebook and look at "Salute to General Sherman." That's so cool that you got to see him! Can't wait to go there someday! :)

  2. And since you have no clue who left that comment - Anna Clark lol. X)


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