Monday, March 10, 2014

California; bad for my hard drive, good for my perspective.

I've been on this trip one real day. I can't stop taking pictures. im obsessed. 
Everything is beautiful. The water, sand, architecture, roads, sky.
I find myself saying "if I lived somewhere more beautiful..." 
But I think its just the familiarity of my little town. I need to see my draper utah with a new pair of eyes.
Because I know its beautiful, just in a different way.
If anything it just solidifies my need to be a house wife because i'll be too busy seeing pretty to ever have a job.

Also music right? A beach necessity! If you ever need new music?
My friend Ben Allred makes the greatest playlists.
It isn't a real thing.
You can find his spotify profile here, and if you don't have spotify get with it. its my second love.

a picture of feet at the beach is an obligation right? 

these houses are literally on the pier right next to the beach. I want one.

 this random stranger.....i love him and his long socks. 


k thanks


  1. I LOVE these pictures too!! I know what you mean.. Utah's home, but California should be frequently visited haha :-) Xo

  2. These pictures make me even more sad our beach day trip got cancelled by the rain! It looks like you are having an amazing time. And know that we're all super jealous of you. ;)

  3. Love the pictures! And I want a beach cottage on the pier...right now! Please.


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