Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say cheese.

So I've mentioned him before, his names Benjamin, and he's my best friend.
He's really really great, one of the reason's being he's a magician with a camera.
And we're both pretty fun with Photoshop.

I've posted a few pictures of our before, and most of them are just of me and him, and thats the problem!!

We're looking to take pictures of people.
Young people, old people, people graduating,
people in love, people who just like pictures of themselves.

Here's some of my favorite pictures to bribe you a bit more.

We'd love to talk to you if your interested :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hobby Lobby, I'm coming for ya

I've been way busy...or at least thats what it feels like!

I'm trying to do 300 things at once, and blogging doesn't always fit into that.

One thing I am super excited about it is the bridal shower I'm throwing.

I have so many diy's planned!
(buntings, fabric flowers, cake stands, photobooths)
I can't wait.

I'm starting some projects this week
after a quick (but most likely really long trip) to hobby lobby. 

These are the things I'm hoping to get done!

Bunting garlands:etsy

Tissue paper flowers:made

Ruffled Streamers:made

Wish me luck! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Not what I expected, but maybe a little bit better

So if you read my previous post...*click here*
You'd understand that I had big plans for this week..
DIY projects, a cheesecake, and some sewing.

Well I'll just let you know my DIY failed horribly,
my cheesecake, was really yummy, but the ugliest ever,
and i didn't sew at all.

I did however find a bridesmaid dress,
get a present from Ben (a mini calender with cats on dogs!),
make a delicious Italian dinner,
and spend lots of time with the people I love most.

While I got almost nothing accomplished that I would have liked to, this week was certainly lovely :)

Side note: If you ever need
music sugggestions...
ask ben,
he's got great taste.
(i literally get 90% of my music from him..)
He showed me this one.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A week, some plans, and the cave.

Monday: I'll be watching the bachelorette with the boyfriend
Tuesday: Making DIY cake stands for a bridal shower I'm throwing my future sister-in-law in a month
Wednesday: Buy 100 tickets to the hunger games
Thursday: Some kind of sewing craft..haven't figure it out yet.
Friday: Make a homemade caramel cheesecake :)

Thats all I got so far :) 
I'm very hopeful this week will be lovely!

p.s. if theres one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love acoustic covers, especially this one.
p.p.s. I'm not even exaggerating, ask the boyfriend, I play this version of this song..constantly. guitar and uke..


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scattegories soccer

Tonight we had a game night at my brothers
and my best friend sat out from playing cards
and played soccer with my nephew using a scattegories die.

cutest thing i've ever seen.

He's way too fun.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I mustache you a question"-Reverse Applique Tutorial

 First I must say, I am no sewing expert, but I do my best.
This project compared to others that I attempt, is really easy :) 

Supplies: A t-shirt, fabric, scissors, sewing pins, paper and pencil
(p.s. sorry i took all these with my cellular)

1. First I looked up a mustache on Google,  and traced it via my laptop. They I cut it out. 
( you don't need to choose a mustache, although I recommend it, cause mustaches are classy.)

 2. Choose where you would like the design on your shirt, and pin it down.
(I chose the bottom right corner)

 3. Then flip the tshirt inside out and lay the fabric around the area with the right side facing in, and pin it down. 

 4. Flip your shirt so it's right side out and sew around the edge of the paper, it's a very helpful guide :) 

5. Once it's all sewed up pull the paper off of your tshirt 
(hint: If it gets stuck in the thread then pull it out with some tweezers)  

 6. Pinch up a piece of the top fabric and cut along the thread line,
being careful not to cut the thread or the underlying fabric.

 7. Flip your shirt inside out again and cut off the extra fabric, so it doesn't bunch up.

 8. Wah-lah! All done :) 

here's a couple other reverse applique's i did today.. :) 
( I sort of got carried away)

I hope you like this tutorial and try it yourself :) 

If you do make sure you send me some pictures, and tell me how it went! 

Happy sewing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's day was wonderful :)

Valentine's day was a dream. 
Ben gave me peach roses (my favorite kind),
cat valentine's (most of them wearing sweaters),
and last but not least *drum roll* INGRID MICHAELSON TICKETS :)
He is way to good to me, I really can't even stand it.

Oh, other gift ben wanted to give me, 
He tried to trick about the date the new Ingrid cd was released..and really wanted to give it to me for valentines day, Even though I figured him out, I thought the guesture was so sweet that I did wait til valentines day to listen to the cd and I can't get enough.
This is my personal favorite. But the whole cd is truly a gift to the world :)

For our valentines festivitiesWe made lots of yummy treats (and a snitch marshmallow)
cheesy pun valentines...( mine is the popcorn one)

 then went to eat out at our favorite food rio. Always a classic, and rather than joining the rest of the world and going to see The Vow..we went to see Chronicle and it was the greatest. Like I never truly enjoy scary or suspensful movies cause i'm a scardey cat..but I just loved it a lot. It was way too wonderful. I reccomend it. 

All in all, I love my best friend a lot, and this year's valentine was definately one to remember :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I got me a keeper

Things I dislike very much
1. Waking up feeling so sick
2. Not being able to find someone to cover my shift at work
3. Driving all the way down to Orem to find out they don't need me to come in...

Things I love very much
1. My best friends apartment being 5 minutes from my work so I don't have to drive all the way home again
2. Having him go to the store for me and come home with not only pepto-bismol but multi-racial valentine teddy bears
3. After medicine and resting going for a photo shoot in Provo, out to cafe rio, then to a 1920's themed institute dance with the funniest guy/best dancer I know

All in all, I'd say I got me a keeper.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthdays and Blog troubles!

So today is my little brothers birthday!
(He's actually not really my little brother [standing at 6'2] just younger)
but he is the greatest. 
The whole family has come to the agreement that if we were stuck on a deserted island we would bring Tyson cause he's the greatest. 

He's 18 now and it always blows my mind how fast he's grown up *cue teary eyes*
I think the best/worst thing about Ty's turning 18 is the ostler family tradition..
When we turn 18, we go sky being deathly afraid of heights have tried to postpone this as long as possible but Tyson talked me into going with him when he turned 18, so I regretfully/excitedly say as soon as weather permits, I'm going to jump out of an airplane! 

I'm way too lucky to have such a great little brother!

Slash side note. I'm obsessed with changing the background on my blog, but I can't decide one I want and also I've tried making some stuff on my own and it just doesn't work so I'm asking if you guys recommend a blog site or can give me some tips on working on creating my own :) THANKS! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Justin Bieber. Relient K. Valentines Day.

If there's one thing I love more than Justin Bieber, its Relient K.
If there's one thing I love more than Relient K, its Relient K doing a cover of Justin Beiber.

I've been in love with the K since 8th grade..and they never seem to disappoint me.
I urge everyone to check out their album's "Is for Karoke pt.1 & pt. 2"

Know any fun covers? Tell me please. I'm obsessed with them. 

Also Valentines Day is coming up! I could not be more excited!! :)
I love this holiday for many a reasons :)

1. I love lovey dovey people and cheesey gestures
and the world is full of 'em for the first 2 weeks of February

2. I love to buy presents and spoil people, especially my boyfriend,
and even though i'd probably do it anyways extra incentive is nice

3. I love to bake and craft, and there are so many fun things to do right now,
whether it's cards and cupcakes or shirts and wall art.

I've been crafting so much the past little bit, and I wish I could show you all the fun things that I've been up to but my boyfriend follows my blog and I'm not sure he has the patience not to cheat so it'll just have to wait. 
Pinterest has been a big help for this season..(secretly that's where most of my ideas are coming from)

What are your favorite things about valentines day? got any fun crafts going on yourself? tell me bout it :)

But to sum it up once more. I love Justin Bieber, I love Relient K, I love valentines day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I love: Hunger Games

Yay! The lastest hunger games trailer is up and running! :)
Here it is, if you haven't seen it!

All in all I like it! 
But I do have a few complaints...
1. They cut out the character Madge, and her relation to the pin that Katniss wears, not a huge deal, but I just liked that piece of background information! 
2. President Snow was not at the reaping for District also lame. 
3. They make it seem like Katniss wearing the pin into the arena needs to be kept a secret, but it clearly explains in the book one token from your district is allowed.

Anyone who has read the hunger games (if you haven't get on it..I have a copy you can borrow) knows the best thing about the book is that it is so detailed so I figured the people making the movie would stick straight to it, but I'll have to get over it! 

I'm a nerd yes I know, but seriously, I'm too pumped for this movie!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bountiful Buttons Part 2

This is my version of Bountiful Buttons. (click here.)
I really am so excited about it, I'll probably wear it for 5 days straight, then 3 more days after that. 
It took me all afternoon. Seriously like 6 hours, but I'm more than happy with the outcome. 

Here's a DIY.
It's not very detailed and I apologize, but in my defense, it's my first. 

Items needed: 
-A chain: Walmart 3$
-Metal clasps: Walmart 2$ 
-Buttons (I used about 65): Planted Earth 18$ (An antique store in Orem, go it's addicting) 18$ sounds a bit pricy but considering the selection and style of vintage buttons, I think its worth especially compared to generic craft store buttons.
-Craft Tweezers: Hobby Lobby 5$
-Needle Nose Pliers: My daddy's tool box

( I recommend the Sea Life findings, they work like a dream, and come in 4 different sizes. They're handy)

1. I first aligned all my buttons along the chain.
So I could get an idea of where I where I wanted them and what the necklace to look like.

 2. Next I held the desired clasps with my craft tweezers and opened them up with the needle nose pliers and put on the button that I wanted. Then I thread the clasp through the necklace chain and squeeze it close with the pliers.

 3. Repeat for multiple hours until you love the look of your necklace :) 

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