Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I mustache you a question"-Reverse Applique Tutorial

 First I must say, I am no sewing expert, but I do my best.
This project compared to others that I attempt, is really easy :) 

Supplies: A t-shirt, fabric, scissors, sewing pins, paper and pencil
(p.s. sorry i took all these with my cellular)

1. First I looked up a mustache on Google,  and traced it via my laptop. They I cut it out. 
( you don't need to choose a mustache, although I recommend it, cause mustaches are classy.)

 2. Choose where you would like the design on your shirt, and pin it down.
(I chose the bottom right corner)

 3. Then flip the tshirt inside out and lay the fabric around the area with the right side facing in, and pin it down. 

 4. Flip your shirt so it's right side out and sew around the edge of the paper, it's a very helpful guide :) 

5. Once it's all sewed up pull the paper off of your tshirt 
(hint: If it gets stuck in the thread then pull it out with some tweezers)  

 6. Pinch up a piece of the top fabric and cut along the thread line,
being careful not to cut the thread or the underlying fabric.

 7. Flip your shirt inside out again and cut off the extra fabric, so it doesn't bunch up.

 8. Wah-lah! All done :) 

here's a couple other reverse applique's i did today.. :) 
( I sort of got carried away)

I hope you like this tutorial and try it yourself :) 

If you do make sure you send me some pictures, and tell me how it went! 

Happy sewing.

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  1. I did a similar tutorial on my YouTube! Check it out if you like :)


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