Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthdays and Blog troubles!

So today is my little brothers birthday!
(He's actually not really my little brother [standing at 6'2] just younger)
but he is the greatest. 
The whole family has come to the agreement that if we were stuck on a deserted island we would bring Tyson cause he's the greatest. 

He's 18 now and it always blows my mind how fast he's grown up *cue teary eyes*
I think the best/worst thing about Ty's turning 18 is the ostler family tradition..
When we turn 18, we go sky being deathly afraid of heights have tried to postpone this as long as possible but Tyson talked me into going with him when he turned 18, so I regretfully/excitedly say as soon as weather permits, I'm going to jump out of an airplane! 

I'm way too lucky to have such a great little brother!

Slash side note. I'm obsessed with changing the background on my blog, but I can't decide one I want and also I've tried making some stuff on my own and it just doesn't work so I'm asking if you guys recommend a blog site or can give me some tips on working on creating my own :) THANKS! 

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