Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's day was wonderful :)

Valentine's day was a dream. 
Ben gave me peach roses (my favorite kind),
cat valentine's (most of them wearing sweaters),
and last but not least *drum roll* INGRID MICHAELSON TICKETS :)
He is way to good to me, I really can't even stand it.

Oh, other gift ben wanted to give me, 
He tried to trick about the date the new Ingrid cd was released..and really wanted to give it to me for valentines day, Even though I figured him out, I thought the guesture was so sweet that I did wait til valentines day to listen to the cd and I can't get enough.
This is my personal favorite. But the whole cd is truly a gift to the world :)

For our valentines festivitiesWe made lots of yummy treats (and a snitch marshmallow)
cheesy pun valentines...( mine is the popcorn one)

 then went to eat out at our favorite food rio. Always a classic, and rather than joining the rest of the world and going to see The Vow..we went to see Chronicle and it was the greatest. Like I never truly enjoy scary or suspensful movies cause i'm a scardey cat..but I just loved it a lot. It was way too wonderful. I reccomend it. 

All in all, I love my best friend a lot, and this year's valentine was definately one to remember :)

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