Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bountiful Buttons Part 2

This is my version of Bountiful Buttons. (click here.)
I really am so excited about it, I'll probably wear it for 5 days straight, then 3 more days after that. 
It took me all afternoon. Seriously like 6 hours, but I'm more than happy with the outcome. 

Here's a DIY.
It's not very detailed and I apologize, but in my defense, it's my first. 

Items needed: 
-A chain: Walmart 3$
-Metal clasps: Walmart 2$ 
-Buttons (I used about 65): Planted Earth 18$ (An antique store in Orem, go it's addicting) 18$ sounds a bit pricy but considering the selection and style of vintage buttons, I think its worth especially compared to generic craft store buttons.
-Craft Tweezers: Hobby Lobby 5$
-Needle Nose Pliers: My daddy's tool box

( I recommend the Sea Life findings, they work like a dream, and come in 4 different sizes. They're handy)

1. I first aligned all my buttons along the chain.
So I could get an idea of where I where I wanted them and what the necklace to look like.

 2. Next I held the desired clasps with my craft tweezers and opened them up with the needle nose pliers and put on the button that I wanted. Then I thread the clasp through the necklace chain and squeeze it close with the pliers.

 3. Repeat for multiple hours until you love the look of your necklace :) 

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  1. Very nice tutorial. Thank you for posting it.

    Your blog is beautiful and so are you.


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