Sunday, May 26, 2013


I love my friends alot.
I think they are lovely. and hillarious. and great.

Lately we've been out for late night dinners.
Strolling along downtown streets.
Dancing in living rooms, and on lake docks.

They're those friends you know you'll have forever.
And I'm so lucky I'll have them forever.

This memorial day weekend has been lovely,
and I still have tonight and tomorrow.
My hopes are high. I hope yours is going great too.

an oldie but a greatie. 

happy memorial day weekend.

p.s. my friend (the one of the left) blogs here.
she writes beautifully brilliant things.
you won't regret taking a look.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Iphone Photo Apps

did i ever tell you i finally got a new phone? an iphone 5? i love it.
and all the endless apps are too great.

I mostly am amazed by the great photo apps. seriously. im obsessed.
Here are my favvvooorrrites. Rated by use :)

VSCO CAM .99 my go to editing app! lots of editing options, amazing filters! Seriously, I swear by it.
PicLab Free, a big variety of fonts, and amazing photo masks; letters, circles, hexagons, triangles, trees, light leaks, bokeh? its great.
BeautifulMess .99 similar to PicLab? Great fonts, aaaddorrrabbllle borders and masks; speech bubbles, florals, arrows, scallops. This app is just cute.
Instasize Free, I use this for uploading full pictures to instagram, and making collages, its so simple and clean, you can also edit the color of the borders to your pictures!
TimerCam Free, great for group photos and handless selfies.
Aviary Free, I mainly use this for its ability to rid of blemishes *shhh*. but it also has great masks, filters, and editing properties.

I thought it was only appropriate I shared my latest insta's too.
vsco, beautiful mess, aviary.

vsco, isntasize 


vsco, timercam

vsco, piclab

vsco, aviary


happy Saturday guys :) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Studded Muscle Tee.

Muscle tee's are the greatest.
For me? They are a stylish way to be so comfy all the time. 
I went to buy one at the mall, and it was 25$

and I said I can make this for 5$ and so I did.
Tshirt: 3$ (i got mine from the thrift store)
Studs: 6$ (for a pack of 20)

1. Find a graphic tee. Scour your local thrift store, or brotherly closet. 

2. Cut along the dotted lines

 2. Measure out where you want your studs,
poke the prongs through the fabric and press them down on the other side.

4. Be hardcore. 

Happy tuesday guys!

xo, rach

Monday, May 13, 2013

Three things.

1. I have the cutest nephews. I'm wildly obsessed with them.

2. I really like buying pretty flowers for my pretty mom

3. I really like this song
it made me into a lana fan, which I was previously not. 
p.s. the movie is amazing, if you haven't seen it.

happy monday loves.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Las Vegas Recap

you should know, i don't prefer las vegas at all.
but i was pleasantly surprised to have a lovely weekend with the fam bam.
seriously. it was so fun.

me and ryan like to pretend to be cool. me more than him, cause he's way cool.

heading out pool side with peach rings.
my go to travel treat. 

laying out by the pool is amazing...and i can only do it for 20 minutes,
but those 20 minutes are the greatest. 

so thankful for sunny days and stress relieving vacations. 

curly hair and bathroom selfies. 

The reason we came to Las Vegas was so that
my big brother could bless my sweet nephew liam.
It was the greatest. Here are a few pictures from the special day. 
the baby daddy slash older brother
(his hair is crazy fun)

my cute little nephew
(his hair isn't red at all though)

hope you are having a good week!!

xo, rach

Friday, May 3, 2013

The five year olds drove me to Vegas

This week has been sucking.
Nothing like defiant 5 Year olds to leave you pining for the weekend.

Is there anything more appealing than a 5 year old that cries and screams for 2 Hours during nap time while your trying to get 10 other kids to sleep?
Yes. Yes there is.

Seriously they should not gather in large groups.

Things that helped me get through the week?
Sweet parents.
And the worlds greatest friends.

And I'm going to Vegas right my brother can bless my sweet nephew, Liam.

Hope you have a lovely weekend guys!

Xo, rach

Seriously, my friends are so great. #sitcomfriends

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