Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy hopes, quirky quirks.

I love discovering things about myself. I love figuring out my quirks, good haibts, bad habits.
I like to think that someday someone's going to love all the things I'm learning about myself.

The way I'm destined to be a nail biter.
I sing random phrases way too often.
I dance as I get ready.....and as I cook...and as I drive.
Spending 25 minutes deciding what I'm going to order, than ordering the same thing I get every time.
I usually change my outfit minutes before I leave my house.
Tapping my toes to songs stuck in my head.
Spending  days on illustrator and photoshop.
The way I could eat cheese based foods for years.....
While I'm in no hurry, nor am I ready, to take large steps in my life. 
I'm really excited to fall in love with someone elses bad habits and quirks.
I'm sure it'll be great.

Hope your hopes are happy this Friday morning. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fog filled photo adventures.

Today Utah was filled with rain, wind and fog.
By the time I got home from school I was famished, but the weather was calling me and my camera.
Living next to a mountain, I always get a great view of the fog, and it makes me so happy.
Fog is so mysterious, magical, and beautiful, and bewildering. It gets me.

My photo self-esteem hasn't been very high lately. (I blame it on talented friends and pinterest.)
But sometimes I go on photo adventures and it makes me feel happy and inspired.

the colors in this picture is what I want my life to be. 

he never lets me take pictures of his face.
but sometimes all his bottom teeth like to snaggle and sometimes I catch it on camera. 

im obsessed with the view of this house, if you couldn't tell. 

the draper temple though...

and its almost friday!!! are you pumped for the weekend, cause i am!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today Was Magic.

It was 60 degrees out. As I sat outside, the sun was burning my knees through my jeans.
I forgot that sensation even existed.  I won't complain about it. It made my heart seriously happy.
It helped that the light coming through the window was magic.
I'm certain I'm in love with the sun.
(sorry for so many hands, I was eating it up)

Also did I mention I'm a vegetarian now? It's been 3 weeks, it's still new!
I'm still struggling finding good recipes!
If you know of any they'd be greatly appreciated.
I'll be sure to share yummy things I come across, like these delicious spinach lasagna rolls.

p.s. I got in a bad habit of not taking pictures and  I'm working on fixing it, in case you haven't noticed.

happy monday.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

i only post on saturdays, it might just be a thing now.

It's beginning to feel like spring here in Utah. The days are sunnier, and warmer. 
The snow is coming around less and less. It's amazing, I'm loving it.
Me and my dad took a quick motorcycle ride and I snapped a few pictures along the way.

I hope your havin a lovely saturday too. 
my dads hardcore

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A peek at my saturday

I love Saturdays. I love them alot. Here's a peek at mine. 

1. sometimes gunner sits outside the bathroom door as I get ready.
most days I can't help but sit down and hold him on my lap for a little bit. i don't regret it. 

 2. chipped nail polish for the win #mountains4dayzzz #fingerthumbs

3. i'm all like bangs, amateur camera, floral tee,
black cardi, and worn out jeans....all the time. 

4. A photogenic, adorable nephew at bath time. 

5. I made meringue cookies. (they're more like heaven than a cookie.) 
I used this recipe here! They are so easy to make, take forever to be ready but sooo easy. 

happy saturday loves

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday Snaps

Thanks to deer circus, I was recently introduced to the blog Bleu Bird and her "photo an hour posts."

I fell in love, obvs. I secretly was trying to do a photo a day project starting at the beginning of this year, but that wasn't too successful so I thought this could be a good alternative.

Due to a long shopping trip at the local mall with my momma, I only got a few pictures, but I'm thinking this could be a weekly thing I wouldn't be mad about.


busy school week equals me trying on 5 outfits every morning and spending my nights doing homework. 


3:00 - my nephew having a play date with sweet sophie from across the street

6:00 family dinner

happy sunday friends 
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