Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy hopes, quirky quirks.

I love discovering things about myself. I love figuring out my quirks, good haibts, bad habits.
I like to think that someday someone's going to love all the things I'm learning about myself.

The way I'm destined to be a nail biter.
I sing random phrases way too often.
I dance as I get ready.....and as I cook...and as I drive.
Spending 25 minutes deciding what I'm going to order, than ordering the same thing I get every time.
I usually change my outfit minutes before I leave my house.
Tapping my toes to songs stuck in my head.
Spending  days on illustrator and photoshop.
The way I could eat cheese based foods for years.....
While I'm in no hurry, nor am I ready, to take large steps in my life. 
I'm really excited to fall in love with someone elses bad habits and quirks.
I'm sure it'll be great.

Hope your hopes are happy this Friday morning. 

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