Saturday, February 8, 2014

A peek at my saturday

I love Saturdays. I love them alot. Here's a peek at mine. 

1. sometimes gunner sits outside the bathroom door as I get ready.
most days I can't help but sit down and hold him on my lap for a little bit. i don't regret it. 

 2. chipped nail polish for the win #mountains4dayzzz #fingerthumbs

3. i'm all like bangs, amateur camera, floral tee,
black cardi, and worn out jeans....all the time. 

4. A photogenic, adorable nephew at bath time. 

5. I made meringue cookies. (they're more like heaven than a cookie.) 
I used this recipe here! They are so easy to make, take forever to be ready but sooo easy. 

happy saturday loves

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