Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fog filled photo adventures.

Today Utah was filled with rain, wind and fog.
By the time I got home from school I was famished, but the weather was calling me and my camera.
Living next to a mountain, I always get a great view of the fog, and it makes me so happy.
Fog is so mysterious, magical, and beautiful, and bewildering. It gets me.

My photo self-esteem hasn't been very high lately. (I blame it on talented friends and pinterest.)
But sometimes I go on photo adventures and it makes me feel happy and inspired.

the colors in this picture is what I want my life to be. 

he never lets me take pictures of his face.
but sometimes all his bottom teeth like to snaggle and sometimes I catch it on camera. 

im obsessed with the view of this house, if you couldn't tell. 

the draper temple though...

and its almost friday!!! are you pumped for the weekend, cause i am!


  1. Hey your photo's are beautiful! I easily get sick of seeing make-up bottles and shiney shoes so your pics are refreshingly welcome - and definitely worthy of pinterest and tumblr x

    1. Oh my! Thanks Alex! Ha sometimes I worry my followers want to see typical blog things! It's good to know someone doesn't mind this! :)

  2. you perfectly documented my favorite weather days in utah!
    and my favorite temple :)


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