Thursday, May 9, 2013

Las Vegas Recap

you should know, i don't prefer las vegas at all.
but i was pleasantly surprised to have a lovely weekend with the fam bam.
seriously. it was so fun.

me and ryan like to pretend to be cool. me more than him, cause he's way cool.

heading out pool side with peach rings.
my go to travel treat. 

laying out by the pool is amazing...and i can only do it for 20 minutes,
but those 20 minutes are the greatest. 

so thankful for sunny days and stress relieving vacations. 

curly hair and bathroom selfies. 

The reason we came to Las Vegas was so that
my big brother could bless my sweet nephew liam.
It was the greatest. Here are a few pictures from the special day. 
the baby daddy slash older brother
(his hair is crazy fun)

my cute little nephew
(his hair isn't red at all though)

hope you are having a good week!!

xo, rach

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