Saturday, May 18, 2013

Iphone Photo Apps

did i ever tell you i finally got a new phone? an iphone 5? i love it.
and all the endless apps are too great.

I mostly am amazed by the great photo apps. seriously. im obsessed.
Here are my favvvooorrrites. Rated by use :)

VSCO CAM .99 my go to editing app! lots of editing options, amazing filters! Seriously, I swear by it.
PicLab Free, a big variety of fonts, and amazing photo masks; letters, circles, hexagons, triangles, trees, light leaks, bokeh? its great.
BeautifulMess .99 similar to PicLab? Great fonts, aaaddorrrabbllle borders and masks; speech bubbles, florals, arrows, scallops. This app is just cute.
Instasize Free, I use this for uploading full pictures to instagram, and making collages, its so simple and clean, you can also edit the color of the borders to your pictures!
TimerCam Free, great for group photos and handless selfies.
Aviary Free, I mainly use this for its ability to rid of blemishes *shhh*. but it also has great masks, filters, and editing properties.

I thought it was only appropriate I shared my latest insta's too.
vsco, beautiful mess, aviary.

vsco, isntasize 


vsco, timercam

vsco, piclab

vsco, aviary


happy Saturday guys :) 


  1. COOL! I just downloaded all of these. Thank you, thank you!!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be back to read more. I'll download these:) xo

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  4. Cute blog! :)

    Kelly xo


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