Friday, February 24, 2012

Not what I expected, but maybe a little bit better

So if you read my previous post...*click here*
You'd understand that I had big plans for this week..
DIY projects, a cheesecake, and some sewing.

Well I'll just let you know my DIY failed horribly,
my cheesecake, was really yummy, but the ugliest ever,
and i didn't sew at all.

I did however find a bridesmaid dress,
get a present from Ben (a mini calender with cats on dogs!),
make a delicious Italian dinner,
and spend lots of time with the people I love most.

While I got almost nothing accomplished that I would have liked to, this week was certainly lovely :)

Side note: If you ever need
music sugggestions...
ask ben,
he's got great taste.
(i literally get 90% of my music from him..)
He showed me this one.

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