Sunday, March 23, 2014

I heart grilled cheese sandwhiches.

Probably more than any human should really. My favorite grilled cheese sandwiches are made by my mom, sonic, chilli's, and zupas. I usually go to zupas when I'm feeling like being gourmet in an american way.
However being a poor college student zupas is not always an option so I make a copy cat at home.

Ingridents: Bread, Muenster cheese, Colby jack cheese, Pesto seasoning, and mayonnaise if you wish. 

(Probably because I live in Utah.) I put mayonnaise on both sides of my bread and put the pesto on one side and colby jack  on the other. Mostly to prevent the cheese from flying when I put the pieces together. 

and the muenster and squish it all together. 

Here's the tough part. Cook your grilled cheese at a low heat and be patient while each side gets slightly browned. (More than not, I put my heat too high and burn my bread)

Eat it and be the happiest human. Seriously my favorite meal.
I'm way healthy, I know. 

Happy Sunday Loves.

P.s. I'll show you my hair tomorrow.

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