Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY 30 Minute Spring Wreath

Spring is my favorite season. All about a fresh start and beauty emerging from a barren winter.
I love it a lot. Anyways, I found some florals in the crafty corner of my room yesterday and a spontaneous craft flowed from my finger tips, that is this wreath. It was such a quick easy way to add some "spring fever" to my bedroom.

supplies: wire cutters, (i realize those are not wire cutters, but i couldn't find mine, so pliers are subbing in photo wise) floral tape, wire, and florals (make sure your florals are wire based). I found all of my supplies at my local hobby lobby. The 2 stems in the floral section, and the smaller flowers in the scrapbook section.

 1. Lay out and bend your stems into a wreath (circle) shape.

2. With your wire,  wrap your stems together and then cover them with floral tape.

3. Once you're two pieces of greenery are wired and taped, you can add your flowers! I thought the wire in my longer flowers, would be enough...but it was not! So I wrapped them in the wire that I have, and then floral tape before I added them to my wreath!

4. Add your flowers til you're happy with the look of your wreath.

5. Hang it up and be cute.

Happy Monday and Happy St. Patricks day.


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