Monday, March 10, 2014

(My) Love is for the birds.

I went to the San Diego zoo today. I fell in love with the Aviaries, they had about 4 of them.
I was just in awe of the sounds, and colors, and flight that was all around.
The birds were not behind cages, as much as the other animals, they were flying right over our heads and right past our faces. 
It made it much more fun to photograph them without having cage wire between us. 

My mom was geeking out a bit and was like "Rachel you're such a good photographer..."
On that, it's not too hard to take pretty pictures of the beach, the ocean, beautiful animals,
but it's raising my photo self esteem so no complaints. 

im obsessed with these creepy beady eyed pearlescent birds. 

 love dove

if this bird was a dress i'd wear it every day. those colors are amazing. 
(update: i'm not a bird poacher.)

seriously what animal looks like that. (obviously that one, but it blows my mind a little...)

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  1. Those are pretty birds! And great photography! Did you use an SLR camera? :)


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