Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I got ninety nine problems and time is one…cause i don't have any.

So it turns out the second half of the semester is busy for days.
That on top of trying to get into the swing of photo again i haven't even blogged.

updates I died my hair. its not as light as I previously was thinking. but thank goodness.
I am in love with it just light and warm enough to be different and make me look dark brown.

I was going to take some cute pictures but it turns out, when I am busy I don't do my hair.
Me and low buns are great friends.

Here's a quick selfie for the meantime.

I have been posting some pictures on my photo Facebook and blog.
Come take a look at 1 of the million things that has been keeping me busy.

Have such a good day. K thanks. 

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