Monday, April 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works Haul

I recently stopped by Bath & Body Works because I hear from a friend they were having a sale.
and my perfumery has running low low low.
First of all, a great sale.
buy 3 signature colletion, get 3 free. and their lip products, buy 2 get 1 free.

I spent too much money, but I smell delicious.
I got lotion, body wash, and misting spray in two different scents.

First, french lavender & honey. im obsessed with the packaging.
I think it's so delicate and pretty.
Whats it like you ask? Well as put by Bath & Body Works...
Experience the charming south of France and gorgeous sunswept fields of lavender. This effortlessly beautiful scent is a fresh blend of flowering French lavender, lily of the valley and nectarine de Provence warmed with sunkissed honey and white oak musk. 


Second, Cashmere glow. I love this scent. It' a lot more musky than the previous, and makes me feel I should be wearing jewels and high heels.
which I don't do...... like ever, but I think smelling that way is nice.

I don't love this packing as much, mostly cause im not into jewels, or glitter & sparkles...but it smells so yummy.

Cashmere glow fragrance wraps you in comforting warmth and ultimate luxury. This luxurious scent is a warm blend of golden peach, exotic berries and glowing lily petals indulged with shimmering vanilla and cashmere musk.

Last but not least lips. I bought two mentha lip glosses and a rose salve.

The packaging on that salve makes my heart happy. like real happy.
like it's one of those things that I'm like "I want people to see me with this so they think I'm cute!"

aaannnndddd you can use it for face, lips, cuticle, knees, elbows. im obsessed. 

I always used to get this lip gloss in middle school, and I thought I'd try it out again. 
I got vanilla mint, and ultra mentha. 
The mentha helps your breath smell fresh, and its clear which I love, no glitter which I love. 
Basically I'm way too happy with all my purchases.

I would recommend you to stop by, they have lots of yummy scents and deals.
Mothers day is coming up too, so there's that.

Happy Monday Ya'll. 

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  1. Lavender is weakness, really itching to take a sniff of this!


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