Friday, April 25, 2014

What's in my purse/Lets be friends.

I was reading secret life of bee a little bit ago, and I discovered every time I read her blog I'm all like "I want to be friends with her." As I read her blog I feel like I'm getting to know her, and I don't think my blog is like that. Most likely cause I'm awkward and try and keep most of the world from seeing that, so I thought I'd start out small. (slowly but surely, you'll all know how weird I am, and we'll be friends) So, what I keep in my purse.* cause that says a lot about me? correct me if I'm wrong.

*this post was prompted by Credit Card Insider, a great place to go if you're a child like me and need to be educated on how credit cards, credit, and debt work. 

I don't keep a lot of things in my purse. Mostly because I'm doing this whole "go to school 5 days a week" thing so I'm always carrying a backpack. but my purse holds my easy access go to essentials.

1. My wallet. I don't need nothing fancy which I find most wallets are, so this was like my dream. I got it at target and I'm obsessed. Easy access to my cards? but a cute little strap to hold them in. one big zip up pocket for cash, coin, and stamp cards to jamba and cafe rio. 

check out that 1, rollin in the dough man. 

2. Color burst lip butter. I love them. A great combo of sheer, and color, and moisture. I'm a fan. I use fig jam, slightly brown. It's beautiful, get it. 

3. EOS Chapstick, because I'm addicted to great chapstick. As you can see mine has much wear and tear. 

4. Headphones. Walking around campus, I always listen to music, so I need those babies ready to go. Easy access. It's gotten to the point if I'm walking and not listening to music I'm like "What's happening right now...? why is it so quiet?" it's a problem, but not one I'm concerned enough to fix. 
the little clicker thing makes my life easy, cause i don't have to pull out my iphone to change the song.
thanks to who invented that. 

5. Gum. I love chewing gum, orbit's my fav. I also don't have a boyfriend so I gotta keep that breath fresh. 

welp, thats all. if you have a purse, and things in it. post about it & share with me. 
I wouldn't even be mad. 

Happy friday, btw.


  1. Looks like what is in my bag too!

  2. I loveee chewing gum too, I'm so guttered I can't have it because of my braces! :( That clicker thing on earphones is soo useful haha :) Great post x


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