Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Bust? Almost.

Today the D.I. was a bust. I was dissapointed. 
I usually have no problem finding something wood like that I want to paint, or clothes that I want to refashion, or vintagey things I'd like to use a photo prop.
I almost gave up at least 4 times.
I looked and looked and found almost nothing worthy of my attention. 
While I don't have picture's I found one small thing I wanted to call my own.
styrofoam balls.
While you can find these at 500 different stores..I got 6.. for 1.50$
{So i feel pretty cool}

There's a craft I've been saving in the back of my mind and now I can do it. :)
they are the cutest. and will make cute decorations on my wall.

via craftzine

adorable huh? I'll show you what I come up with, when I come up with something :)

xo, rach


  1. Replies
    1. Oh you're so sweet! That means so much! Thanks for following! :)

  2. Hi there. I found your blog through Lauren's blog party. Nice idea right? I'm impressed with your blog content, especially since you've not been going that long! I think my favourite is the book stack necklace. Keep the ideas flowing!

    1. Hey! I agree, lauren is full of great ideas! I'm glad you like my blog :) thanks for stopping by!

  3. i think you have the best blog descriptor ever! "life photography, cakes, crafts" lol. nothing better than cakes and crafts.

    1. i'm glad you like it! :) ha i agree...cakes and crafts are wonderful.


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