Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday: First things first.

As I've said before I'm sort of stalled right now, in terms of life. I'm trying to get back into the grooves of things but it's not so...easy, for lack of a better word. I'm going back to school, finding a new home, and a new job. basically it's just a fun time. Thinking so much about where my life is heading and where I want to end up has led me to think about where I started. All my "firsts" kept popping into my head and I thought I'd share with you, bits of me.

the first's of rachel
{in chronicle order}

Lost tooth: 4 years old, I lost it in an apple on my way to preschool
Dog: Bubba the boxer. Boxer's are the greatest dogs, I don't care what you say.
Broken bone: 7 years old, broke my thumb via kick ball while giving a friend a thumbs up about her spelling test. Yeah freak accident.
Crush: 1st grade..I'll never tell.
Mouth Appliance: 1st grade; I got a spacer because my mouth was tiny but I had ginormous teeth.
Favorite Song: "You get me"- Michelle Branch
Hair mishap: 3rd grade, long story short, had a Mohawk growing in. good look.
Surgery: 12 years old, had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.
Cellphone: Pink razor. Yeah I was too cool for school.
First Song I learned to play: "The way I am"- Ingrid Michaelson
Bangs: 14 years old via Maria Vanhorn
First Song I performed: "Umbrella"-Rhianna at the EFY talent showcase!
Concert: Boys Like Girls, Silversun Pickups, The Format, and All American Rejects.
Car: Family dream-mobile; Mitsubishi Galant.
Car accident: 6 days after I got my license, almost totaled my dad's truck when he was out of town, it was really fun, trust me.
Kiss: Austin Daw
Hair Dye: 15 years old, credit goes to Rach Duffin
Date: Austin Daw, Homecoming Junior year
Part time Job: Alta View Dry Cleaners..Thanks courtney, slash worst job ever.
Home away from Home: Village on the parkway, Orem, Utah. (i reccomend it, incase you were wondering)
Full Time Job: Two's teacher at Orem's greatest daycare, The kids connection.
Major: Pre-nursing, ha yeah..about that.
College Best Friend: Benjamin Allred

I'm amazed and so grateful  for the way all those experiences, huge and tiny, shaped me and led me to being And since today is music monday, I thought it was only fair to share with you my first favorite song.

You get me- Michelle Branch

xo, rach

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