Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Want some cupcake with your lemon?

One time I liked to bake.
Things weren't always delicious, and definitely not always pretty.
but the love was there.

I get giddy when I see batter rise, becoming fluffy and light.
I wish for cupcake tins, sprinkles, and gel based food coloring.
I adore hearing of happy taste buds and satisfied tummy's.

What's better than baking a mouth watering cupcake? baking it with my dear sister in laws.

We made some great summer-y cupcakes yesterday.
They were lemonade cupcakes. Yeah, I know.

I saw some pink lemonade frosting in the cake aisle, and I was sold.
although I will openly admit
I have nooo idea what the difference between regular and pink lemonade is..
{hit me up if you have the answer}

Since Harmon's was out of Duncan Hines (my favorite box mix brand) lemon I went with Betty Crocker.
Pink lemonade frosting by pilsbury, and lemon head candies to top it off.
{so much lemon so little time..}

Nonly were they delicious, I think they turned out pretty cute too.
I looked for some paper umbrellas, but had no such luck, but they'd be a fun addition right?

These cupcakes we're superb. I highly reccomend it.
I'm also going to make you aware I plan on using the heck out of my "what's new cupcake?" book.
expect to see lots of summer cupcakes. 
{if you have any summery cupcake ideas, tell me! I'm totally looking for inspiration!}

And as if baking cupcakes wasn't enough I also got to see my darling nephew.
He's the cutest baby. Ever.

I told you so...

xo, rach

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  1. those sounds delicious! definitely gonna have to make some of these. i love me a good lemon cupcake.



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