Friday, June 1, 2012


 Sometimes I type really hard on my laptop so it sounds like a type writer.
Sometimes I plan 4 crafts to do but don't have the time at all.
Sometimes I would love a twin instead of a queen bed, but I'm too lazy to put pictures on ksl.
Sometime I put my ipod on shuffle and don't know any of the music it plays me.
Sometimes I have a messy room, but despise putting away laundry.
Sometimes I study all the time.
Sometimes I want to walk somewhere far away.
Sometimes I miss working at the daycare with all my favorite 2 year olds.
Sometimes I think too much when I should just be doing.
Sometimes I write down new blog names and am probably going to change it.
Sometimes I always sing "something in the water" by brooke fraser.
Sometimes I ramble.
but most times I wear mustaches.

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