Wednesday, June 20, 2012

thrifty nifty wednesday: jacks to jewelry tutorial

I had a dress to share with you today for thrifty nifty wednesday,
but I thought I'd switch it up :)
I found these jacks this morning at the DI and they got my gears a turnin.

Things you'll need?
-Wire (I used 24 gauge wire)
-A necklace chain

1. Start by wrapping the wire around the middle of your jack.
2. Wrap the same piece of wire around an end that has a "ball" top,
and then wrap around the ball top of a different jack.

sorry! I got a bit ahead of my self... I then cut the wire and started the process over, 
but you could easily just keep the wire through out all.

3. After you've connected all your desired jacks together,
find the middle of your necklace and line up where you would like your jacks to hang.

5. After you have found where you want it to hang, find a whole in the chain that lines up with
end jacks, and middle jack. 

6. Feed the wire through the chain and wrap it around a ball top on the middle or side jacks
until the chain is tied up again the jack. 

7. Make sure all your wire is wrapped around the jack tight so it doesn't poke you.

8. Be super cutesy. 

I think you should know I'm now obsessed with wrapping things in wire for jewelry.
You can expect to see more. 

xo, rach


  1. This is a really creative way to make a fun colorful necklace. :)

  2. Oh wow that's really cool, love the way it turned out!

    xo erica


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