Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tutorial: Bobbi pin container

There are bobbi pins all over my house.
ask my father. 
on my dresser, in the bathroom, living room, deck.
yet? I can never find them when I need them.

But one day I had this idea? 
"Hey rach, know that giant gum container you keep in your car? that'd be handy for holding things"
and I discovered that it truly was.

and then the bobbi pin container tutorial was born. 

Step 1: Buy a huge plastic container that holds lots of gum
*make the sure the lid is the color of plastic you want.
this gum container isn't the one that I used and has a black top.
it's totally fun, unless you want a white one.

Step 2: Eat all the gum. (or don't, whatever.)
*10 points if you can name that movie

Step 3: Pull of the plastic wrapper

Step 4: Pick out a nail polish (or nail polishes) and paint it 

Step 5: Fill it with bobbi pins, paper clips, or whatever your heart desires.

Easy right? It's a cute simple place to put your things. :)
I think you should make one too, then show me? It'd be a fun time.


xo, rach. 


  1. Your room is so cute! But I had to comment on this because the movie is what happens in Vegas. Right?? One of my favorite lines! 'don't get hit by a bus. Or do. Whatever' anyway- super cute!!

    1. Thanks kels! and you're totally right haha it's the greatest line.


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