Monday, July 2, 2012

The world of sea's

i went to sea world today.
and despite the feeling in my gut
i touched a manta ray..and a dolphin..and a penguin.
it was a super wonderful time.
i even came back through with a sunburn.
(and some halter tan lines that are way cute..not.)

since i'm on vaycay, i put the best friend in charge of music monday.
here's his pick.
i hope you like this song as much as i do now.

xo, rach

p.s. shocker of the week? if you knew my sleeping habits you'd be shocked too..
I have not taken a nap in like 10 days. I'm amazed. trying hard to keep it going.
p.p.s. i'm turning 20 on the 14th. :)

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