Monday, July 9, 2012

I am mine

My new home is 2 hours away from my home.
I made the long drive, and for the first time, by my lonesome.
It seemed longer this time. 
Maybe it was because I had no one to talk to,
or the realization that once I was home, I'd have no one to talk to.

Small talk is made, and I can hear the footsteps outside my door
but they don't mean anything to me yet,
I don't know anything about the people taking those steps.   
I'm aware I'll need a few days to find me in all of this,
but I'll find me soon, I always do. 

The music? It's keeping me busy.
It's soothing me and filling this unfamiliar place with familiar sounds. 
Especially this one, it's making me feel pretty happy.
it's reminding me that I'm here to become mine, and I'm too excited to do that.

I am mine- Brooke Waggoner.


xo, rach

birthday countdown? 5 days. 


  1. music makes drives for me. i'm 8 hours from my home and drive feels like nothing with the right music.

  2. Just be yourself and you will meet lots of friends really fast!


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