Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekends, songs, and photos.

My weekend? It was lovely. Busy busy, but lovely. Thanks for asking. :)

I saw the dark knight rises. Twice.
I personally liked the dark knight better.
I thoroughly enjoyed the mind games and
thinking the Joker's character caused you to do.
This new one was a lot more action packed and full of fight scenes.
Overall? I liked it. Not my favorite but definitely a good movie.

I hung out with my best friend, benji so much,
and played loads of board games with friends.
(aka my favorite thing to do)

I heard this lovely nugget of music gold.
Pinocchio's Demise- Jaymay

and remember those engangments me and the bestie did?
Well I went to her bridal shower this weekend!
I love all things wedding, so of course that was just a blast.

also.....I went to a little fair deal called Draper Days,
and did a photoshoot with the best friend of our two new friends
Arielle (of "diary of a joshua tree") and Brittney!
I can't tell you how excited we are to edit all these pictures.

 they're the cutest right? right. definately more to come.

I hope you had a lovely lovely weekend, and have an even greater week.

xo, rach

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