Friday, July 6, 2012

moving day and instagrams.

I'm moving today. It still hasn't hit me yet.
probably cause I literally started packing at midnight last night.
I'm about half way done so hopefully I can finish up this morning!
(wish me luck!)

I've been super lucky this past week to do so many fun things before I go!
My sweet best friend planned out a 3-day fun fest..yeah,
we went to the zoo, the lake, an amusement park, played water games,
went to a super quaint little market for dinner
saw 4 movies, one at the drive-in!
(he's a film geek..and is slowly making me one too!)
Yeah it was too wonderful.

And then on top of that my parents took me and the little brother to San Diego!
We went to the beach, sea world, the San Diego zoo, and made an over night pit stop at Las Vegas!

needless to instagram was blowing up.
(don't worry, I know am limiting myself via instagram.)

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Xo, rach

p.s. yes, i did get a unicorn painted on my face. 
p.p.s. my birthday is in 8 days. I'm freakin out! 

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