Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm scervous.



1. to be a crazy combination of scared and nervous.
2. how i feel right now. 

I'm so scervous friends. Why you ask? 

Well first, I'm going sky diving on saturday.
for real this time. (hopefully, knock on wood)
I didn't get to go on my birthday for weather reasons.
and long story short...i've had butterflies for like 10 days. 

Second...This post..right now..well, it's number 99.
and if I post 99, then I'll have to post number 100. 
and I think it's a rule, you have to have a pretty epic 100th post right?
I'm thinking a crafty post, a bakey cupcake one,
or something else great that I haven't thought of yet.
We'll see what happens. 

Has anyone been skydiving and wants to calm my nervous?
Any ideas for a fun 100th post?
Anything making you scervous? Tell me about it. 

p.s. thanks for all your follows, and comments.
they make me wildly happy. 


  1. Love a good bakey cupcake post!

    I have a few things making me scervous but nothing that compares to skydiving! I think that is one thing along with bungee jumping that I would not be able to do. You're brave! :)

    1. Thanks for your input katie! I think I am going to have a bake themed 100th post! :)

  2. It's AHHH-MAZ-ING!!! I'm so jealous. I have been once and it really is one of the most awesome things I have done in mylife. Don't be scared or nervous just excited and enjoy!!!

  3. I think your skydiving pictures should be your 100th post. I have gone skydiving and it is an absolute rush that I'd recommend in a heartbeat. Don't worry now, I guarantee you'll do enough of that during the whole plane ride up. :)

  4. love the new design!!!!!! Your 100th post will be brilliant I'm sure.

  5. Thanks friends for the feedback! It's way good to know none of you have died!! :) and Thanks for noticing mandi! :) I'm glad you like it!!

  6. holy shnikeys. props girl!! my husband really wants to go skydiving but i keep telling him he'll be going alone... good luck!


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