Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Heart Pies

I love to bake.
And sadly I've only baked 1 or 2 pies. like ever.
So I decided these would be simple (and delicious) enough.

You need?
Pie crust, filling, cookie cutter, cream cheese (if you're obsessed with it like i am),
a fork, a toothpick, and an oven.

Unroll your crust and cut, cut, cut. 

Spread on some cream cheese, and dollop on some filling. 

Put two pieces together, and press a fork around the edges to seal it.
(p.s. it got sorta messy? i just wiped off extra with wet paper towel)

Add something cute with a tooth pick, if you're heart so desires. (pun intended)

Bake and enjoy

Best served with vanilla ice cream, and good company. (also known as parenthood, and my dog, gunner.)

xo, Rach

p.s. i'm so excited for the holidays.
just so you're aware.

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