Tuesday, December 18, 2012

cold nights call for cozy measures

it's bitter cold in this draper town.
the wind bite's your skin,
and leaves your hands tense.

it's the kind of night that leaves me
wanting nothing but to be cozy.

as soon as i walked in my room,
i found my footie pajamas
(equipped with a bum flap)

i went to the kitchen and made up some
delicious hot cocoa with my favorite toppings.
(spray whip cream and caramel)

i then sat under my covers,
editing pictures and discovering new music.
definitely a good ending to a good day.

(in the background; bows, present tags, chocolate oranges. it's an ostler Christmas up in here.)

hope you're warmer than i am.
merry almost Christmas

p.s. tomorrow i'm praising the hobbit.
get ready for it.

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