Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm a thief, take me in!

So one time I was eating a hot dog on a stick at the mall.
I was just browsing a store, when I finished it.
I walked out the nearest garbage can to throw it away,
which was just outside the store.
When I walked back in, I noticed I had a shoe box in my hand..
and that I was officially a shop lifter.

First I apologized a thousand times for stealing,
then I sighed and said "Crap, I just knocked my stero-type down 10 points"

Lesson learned? Don't be dumb and walk out of a store with merchandise in your hand.

I love this a lot right now.
Ghosts- The Mighty Sequoyah

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  1. hahahaha you're maybe one of my funniest friends.


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