Monday, April 2, 2012

I wish my name was clementine

I'm exhausted, I haven't been this tired since I don't know when.

I got a new job, but I'm currently still finishing up my two weeks at my old one.
This morning I worked 7:30-1,
then went to the dentist at 2,
then worked again from 5-10.

Just like a 15 hour work day. no big deal.
I work hard for the money.

So every Monday, I post a song I love..and I decided on this one.
This is one of my favorite song's because it's great,
and because it inspired the name of me and Ben's ukelele..Clementine!
cause it's legit, and slightly orange! (the uke, not the song)

Clementine-Sarah Jaffe
all that time wasted, i wish i was a little more delicate, i wish my name was clementine.

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