Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm saved by the bell

Netflix recently put up all the season's of Saved by the bell.
I am obsessed. It is every 80's cliche I could ever dream of.
Seriously it's just so fun.
{p.s. this might just be a rachel thing}

I think the best part about this show are the life lesson's.
They are so in your face, you can't help but be a better person.

Lisa's dad gave her his credit card to buy something new at the mall..
She went a little crazy and didn't know what to do..*cue dialogue*

Jessie:Lisa when you do something wrong you should admit it..
Lisa: I'm sorry I'm just upset..
Jessie:Lisa when I do something wrong, I'm direct and honest with my parents
Kelly:Yeah lisa, the truth is easiest..and it works.

I laughed out loud for probably a minute and a half.
And due to my weird sense of humor that does not happen very often.I

It also helps that mario lopez has a curly mullet..

and great dance moves...

Yeah I think you understand.

I am saved by the bell. 

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