Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh hey, long time no see.

It's almost been 2 months since I blogged. It feels like a life time.
I miss sharing my thoughts and connecting with blogger friends. 
So here I am to do just that. 

I'll be quick for today. Update you on all things Rachel.

I'm jump starting my life. Trying hard to be productive and get things done.
Trying hard to fill my days with things that will help me become the girl I'd like to be.

I've started doing photography on my own.
I'm working on starting an etsy print shop. 
I'm going back to school in the spring to major in visual arts and communications with an emphasis in photography.

Oh and...
I have a niece due in December, and a new dog.
(i'm super excited about both of those things)

I'm just so excited for things to be taking steps forward.
I've felt at a standstill for a really long time, and that is just not very fulfilling.

I'm a happy camper.

I'll talk to you soon, promise. :)
seriously love him. 


Insert clever &/or gracious response here.

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