Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Standing on my soap box.

Religion is such a taboo.
I don't know that there is a bigger one. 
At least for me, my religion has helped me establish guidelines and morals for most topics of discussions. Most topics that many others feel very differently about.
I avoid talking religion with those not of my faith because I get nervous of stepping on toes, hurting feelings, or leading myself into a heated discussion. 

A big part of me is saying "Rach, don't even be scared. At the end of the day God loves you so much for sharing His love and thats all that matters" but another part of me is filled with all those nervous bugs.

I always hear stories of everyone else sharing their beliefs, ideals, and truths.
Beautiful, inspirational, empowering stories.
The real truth is I have been inhibiting myself from even having the opportunity to do the same. 

I realize I do not need to go preach on a street corner, but I need to do something. 
Maybe these little posts are enough? Regardless, missionary work is going on my list of priorities.
One day I'll find the words to express all my beliefs with all of you.
Until then, you can read more about my church here.
You won't regret it.

Have a good day,

p.s. this is the video that inspired this post
my little heart beats for these creative, out of the box missionaries. 

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  1. Our fhe yesterday was on missionary work. I'll send you what inspired me. It's awesome. We are seriously the same person? Love you Rach.


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