Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Polish & Perspectives

I got a new nail polish. Its a dark periwinkle purpley sorta thing.
its also glitter for days. I love it. So much. 

p.s. obviously this cold weather is already doing a number on my hands. 

There's been a lot of things lately that make me feel like I have a new perspective.
I'm gaining more respect for myself, and everything that I am.
My sensitivity, femininity (or lack thereof), sense of humor and general opinion.
Everyday I'm learning how to better care for myself.

I'm slowly but surely realizing what is most important, and what is worth sacrificing to get it.
I'm spending more of time obtaining goals and working towards being the person I'd like to be.
A photographer, designer, future wife and mom, a disciple.

I'm getting happier all the time.
I hope your week is going great.

P.s. I finally got around to creating an etsy shop; take a look

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