Thursday, June 20, 2013

Designing for days.

I think I'm done. With designing this ole blog.
The past few days haven't shown lots of changes,
just a lot of uncertainty. 

I've been so inspired by simplicity is others blogs,
and you can see that translated to mine.

I'd love to hear your critiques? Placements?
Fonts? too black and white?
Don't hesitate to say.

Hopefully, a week from now I'll still like this. 


remember my weekly goal to design? ha well i did. 
and this made it out of this creative brain of mine.

It's lyrics from Lana's song featured in the Great Gatsby?
The greatest song right, fit for the greatest movie.

I told you that when I embarked on this designing journey
I'd share with you.
So please share on pinterest, and if you print this out and use it in your home?
Please show me :) 

happy thursday friends, thanks for reading this blog of mine.

love, rachel

1 comment:

  1. I love simple blog design! It is how I have mine. I think it makes the reader concentrate on the content more.



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