Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dating and Designing.

dating is hard. this might not be a surprise to a lot of you.
but i actually thought it was going to be a blast.
this is the first time in my life where i've actually had to date.
i'm spoiled. it's always been "crush, first date, boyfriend" type deal.

i've had some thoughts that may be valid, or i may still be in a daze.
but thoughts none the less.
i'm odd. and it might take awhile to find someone else who's odd, matches mine.
a fun time doesn't always make for a relationship.
settling is not even an option. not for a second.
it's okay to wait to be swept off my feet.

Let's just say someone is testing my capability to wait.
And wait I will.

p.s. im trying to be a more productive person.
the plan is that once a week, i'm going to design.. something.
and like this one, they'll probably be up for free download.

p.p.s. this was inspired by Elsa at The girl with plans.
take a look. her words are great, as are her pictures.


  1. Love this. And your outlook. And that printable.


  2. Hey you're great! Remember when we ran into each other in Target? Lets do that again. Or even better, lets go with your great idea of doing something bloggy soon!


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