Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm dubbing today media monday.

this day will contain music, peaches and lavender photos, & movie trailers and/or youtube funnies.

music. lamb by jaymay
this song is weird. and slightly charming. and addictive.

Peaches and Lavender: A while ago we took Zach and Madeline's engagements. We now are finishing up the editing from a spectacular bridal shoot. Here are 2 of our favorites. 

see more here, and feel free to like our facebook page

movies: you've probably already seen this..but if you haven't?
catching fire. seriously chills. major chills. 

hope you enjoyed those little tid bits.
let me know what you think of this "media monday" idea. 

happy monday loves.

xo, rach


  1. That Catching Fire preview gives me chills every time I see it...seriously can't wait! Love the shoots you have done lately!

  2. I also have chills! Makes me want to re-read the book RIGHT NOW. And those images you captured are absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Those wedding images are so beautiful! Never heard the Lamb song, but it is very interesting with a good beat. Thanks for sharing!

    I LOVE your header. I was wondering what your prices are for a header, button, and tabs are. If you would shoot me the info at, I'd appreciated it. Thanks.


  4. Um hello! Why did I suddenly forget about this perfect blog of yours? I LOVE it. You are so cute & I love the design. Anyways, I'm stoked for catching fire. I haven't even read the book yet. But..I will get on that. Pronto.


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